Sue's Story - SILC
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Sue’s Story

Blue scooter sits parked in front of a bright green moss covered wall


By the time Sue* arrived at the T.A.R.P. Center for Independent Living (TARP), she had completely lost her vision in both eyes. Though Sue was born blind in her left eye, she had led a successful and engaged life until her vision began to fail in her right eye as well. Sue was told surgery could save her vision, but financially, it was out of her reach. Without her sight, Sue lost her job as a nurse, and without a job, the loss of her home was soon to follow. TARP stepped up right away, connecting Sue with surgery at a reduced price. The huge impact TARP’s services had on Sue’s life was obvious when she pulled up to the offices on her scooter months later.There were hugs of thanks, and tears all around, as everyone celebrated Sue’s new freedom – thanks to her local center for independent living.