Kayla's Story - SILC
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Kayla’s Story

A Woman with paraplegia Sits At The Edge Of A Swimming Pool On A Lift Beside Her Wheelchair And Prepares To Swim


Kayla* lived in a nursing home for seven years before she partnered with the Memphis Center for Independent Living (MCIL) to develop a plan for independent living. Her move into the community wasn’t easy, but MCIL was with her all the way to navigate the challenges of her transition. MCIL identified with Kayla the support she needed and then provided unique peer support and training including: guidance for obtaining her necessary documentation to live on her own; independent living skills training to get an apartment, hire a personal attendant, and navigate public transportation; connections with programs to provide wheelchair and durable medical equipment repair; and empowerment based self-advocacy training to enhance her self-confidence as an included and engaged member of her community. Now Kayla lives happily and independently in her community, connecting with her neighbors and participating as an engaged citizen of Memphis.