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At the June 2017 SILC Quarterly Meeting Tennessee's Centers for Independent Living Shared some great successes achieved in the past quarter. Memphis Center for Independent Living We are thrilled to inform you that  MCIL was selected for a Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation Paralysis Resource Center Nursing...

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CBO score released on Senate Health Care Bill, new provision added to penalize lapse in coverage  by TN Council on Developmental Disabilities Due to rapid developments this week, we are writing with updates related to the Senate health care bill, the "Better Care Reconciliation Act". Yesterday, Monday 6/26, the Congressional...

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New Executive Director, Statewide Independent Living Council of Tennessee, INC.  The Statewide independent Living Council of Tennessee (SILC) is announced a vacancy for an Executive Director to provide administrative leadership for the organization in May 2017. SILC was sad to see their previous Executive Director Ann...

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Supported Decision-Making: Creating a Continuum of Choice is a white paper that highlights an emerging best-practice known as Supported Decision-Making (SDM). SDM provides a framework for broadening the choices available to people with disability who need help making decisions. Unlike existing options, which include conservatorships and Powers...

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Disability Day on the Hill 2017 Wednesday, February 8th 9am-2pm CST Welcome Event 10:15 - 11:45am, Old Supreme Court Room 301 6th Ave North, Nashville, TN 3724   We encourage you to call and set up in-person meetings with your state legislators! Find them at: www.capitol.tn.gov DDH Questions? Email: ddh@tndisability.org or call: 615-383-9442 ...

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The Independent Living (IL) philosophy seeks to empower people with disabilities to exert influence, choice, and control over all aspects of their lives. In practice, IL support teaches the self advocacy process of goal determination and navigating barriers to achieve one’s goals. For example, Ashley,...

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